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In need of programmer

2009-08-28 19:09:42 by Nuggs

Here is my character design so far. The top is the running animation, middle is the jumping animation, and bottom is the standing animation.

I am looking for someone with experience with as3 and is able to do oop. It might be possible to do this without oop, but it will make it much easier.
I can code fairly well and I think like a coder (check out my other games if you want) so I will be able to provide some assistance if needed, but I would much rather just focus on art for this project.
Let me know if you are interested by pm or by posting in this thread, and want more information.

Also please include samples of your coding.

You can also post here

I'm Coming to Visit you Tom

2008-12-12 17:29:44 by Nuggs

Yay!!! I just found out that I got into University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering early decision. Penn is only 10 miles from Glenside, so maybe I will go and see Tom next year and visit the NG HQ!!! I'm so happy!

I'm Coming to Visit you Tom

My New Game

2007-09-04 20:18:15 by Nuggs

Play my newest game. Leave a review please!!

New Game! Please test/ submit suggestions

2007-07-25 16:31:10 by Nuggs

Cow Tippin'

Update: Bug fixes
Here it is

Instructions are in game. Please read them or else you probably won't know what you are doing.
I recommend that the game is played in IE or Opera, it runs much slower in firefox.
please post any bugs that you find!

If it is running too slow in your browser download it here!

I hope you enjoy it!

New Game! Please test/ submit suggestions