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In need of programmer

2009-08-28 19:09:42 by Nuggs

Here is my character design so far. The top is the running animation, middle is the jumping animation, and bottom is the standing animation.

I am looking for someone with experience with as3 and is able to do oop. It might be possible to do this without oop, but it will make it much easier.
I can code fairly well and I think like a coder (check out my other games if you want) so I will be able to provide some assistance if needed, but I would much rather just focus on art for this project.
Let me know if you are interested by pm or by posting in this thread, and want more information.

Also please include samples of your coding.

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2009-08-28 19:28:28

Do you happen to need voice actors too?

Nuggs responds:

Thanks but probably not. I will contact you if I need one though


2009-08-28 19:51:09

I will codez button for yoo !
Hear iz sampulz :
on (press) {

Nuggs responds:

I think you mean this...

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent .MOUSE_DOWN, omd);
function omd(event:MouseEvent) {

Akshunskript 3.0!!!


2009-08-28 20:20:05

having sex with your dad doesn't count asshole

Nuggs responds:

I appreciate all 99 of your comments but I think 1 will suffice...


2009-08-28 20:51:44

how about deleting 3000 more? would you like that?


2009-08-29 00:01:31

Good luck finding a coder btw ;)

//output failure

Nuggs responds:

haha thanks I'm not completely incompetent :P and if you wanted to be really picky you would have noticed that I forgot to declare that omd has the return type of void


2009-08-29 02:53:49

That sounds great, feel free to check out my demo if you are curious.


2009-08-29 06:25:45

I'm currently working on something and I could just give you some of the code (movement, jumps and some collision detection covered) which you could just stick on your files, but its in AS2. Send me a pm if u'r okay with that.


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